Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wet Floor - FedEx deliveryman wins $2.9M after slipping on a wet floor

FedEx deliveryman wins $2.9M from billionaire producer of Broadway hits Cats and Les Miserables after slipping on wet floor outside his office

  • A FedEx delivery man received $2.9million from Sir Cameron Mackintosh
  • He had slipped in Mackintosh’s Manhattan office and was left disabled
  • Tore his rotator cuff, ruptured his quadriceps and tore meniscus in his knee
  • The theatre producer had his personal cleaner mop as ‘the building’s services were unsatisfactory’
He was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was told he tore his rotator cuff muscles in his shoulder, ruptured tendons in his thighs and torn cartilage in his knee. The delivery man, who also had neck and back injuries, was disabled and told he could not work again. His lawyer, Scott Rynecki said: ‘For someone who produced elaborate Broadway shows, he didn’t do such a good job managing his personnel. ‘There are obvious dangers with mopping the floor at the same time people are arriving for work.’ Mackintosh, 54, was not there at the time of the accident, and was not questioned under oath. Staff at the office said that the arrangement was unusual, as Ms David only cleaned Mackintosh’s part.
Office manager Jennifer O’Connor said: ‘It is my understanding that because we care about the look of our office and our high-profile clientele that (Esme David) was hired to come in and do supplemental cleaning . . . because what was done by the building was not sufficient.’ The settlement was negotiated last week after a jury was selected at Brooklyn Supreme Court. The claimant asked not to be identified as he lives in an area of high crime and was worried it would risk his safety. Reported by the NY Daily News.

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