Monday, December 9, 2013

The Banana Cone - The Most Innovative Wet Floor Sign on the Market

So why should you choose the patented banana cone over all the other safety equipment (Wet Floor Signs or Wet Floor Cones) for use in your premises? Am glad you asked! Here are some of the reasons why you cannot go wrong, and need to acquire this product for yourself;

·     The banana cone comes with very bright yellow colors and large, clearly printed black letters to warn people about any danger or potential danger within your premises.

·     The polypropylene used to manufacture the banana cone is tough, the cones stack very easily and the tight interlock between the base and the stem give it a firm stand on the floor, hence it is not easily knocked over. Thus, it is better than the conventional cloths or foldable wet floor signs.

·     It has been researched and confirmed that behavior change has a higher rate of effectiveness in reducing potential accidents. Thus, the sight of the shape of a banana peel automatically triggers the need to take more caution and care within a particular area. What better way to serve as a warning sign to people that there is potential danger? The banana cone shape has proved to have higher percentage effectiveness among all the other conventional wet floor signs.

·     Our dedicated team also went a step further to take care, not just of your safety needs but also, to leave you with a smile on your face. Do traditional safety cones or signs do this? Or do you simply ignore them? The innovative design and the combination of caution with humor will definitely leave all who get to see our products within your premises in better cheer.

So get yourself the banana cone and experience the difference!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Banana Sign

When you walk into a building most of the time, the first thing you notice is the appearance of the floor. Does it shine or is it dull and dirty? If it seems extra shiny it could be that the floor is wet and if so, there should be wet floor signs indicating such.
There are a number of different types of wet floor signs all designed to do one thing; warn of potential hazards due to the floor being wet. The most common type is the sandwich board style which is a two sided sign indicating the message. This is commonly referred to as a "Wet floor sign" Another popular style is the pop up safety sign which looks like a pyramid with the visual warnings on each side. It's commonly referred to as a "Wet floor Cone". It wasn't until 2013 that a new type of safety cone became available, known today as "The Banana Cone".
Wet floor signs are not simply to let you know the floor is wet, rather to give a visual warning that there is the possibility of unstable footing which could cause a person to slip and fall sustaining injury. It's extremely common to associate a slip with a banana peel, even a two year old knows would too. This is why the Banana Cone should be considered the safest wet floor sign on the market. 
The #1 reason why accidents happen is because they IGNORE the signage. They've turned themselves into a commodity and we don't even realize that there's a wet floor sign even there. If people know the floors slippery, they're more likely to NOT slip. If you have a banana cone, people might actually notice it. Banana Products, "Stand out from the Bunch".
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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Banana Peel Slip

The banana peel on the floor has been a running gag in comedy for the longest time.  The person would trip on it and hilarity would ensue.  They were especially popular in cartoons and videogames.  This idea takes us back to the old days of Looney Tunes and Mario Bros.  Now they have this new invention where the boring old slippery floor sign has been replaced with a big banana peel.  The irony of it is what makes it really clever. 

Floor safety signs haven’t really been designed any different since they were first thought of.   They have changed size and added pictures, but nothing really to get the attention of people.  The clever design of this new product is going to make sure people stop and pay attention to whatever it is saying.

What grabs your attention better than the patented Banana Cone? The old ones have turned themselves into a commodity which people ignore every day. They all have the same purpose which is TO PREVENT INJURY! It's been scientifically proven that accident reduction ONLY happens when behavioral changes occur. Based on the feedback we've been receiving, the Banana Cone is more likely to change your behavior, which will reduce accident rates, and may even put a smile on their face :)

It's known worldwide that people associate banana peels on the ground as being slippery and dangerous. So why not have a banana peel that PREVENTS slipping? It's great quality, affordable, fun, and you get the point immediately simply by glancing at it. Made with polypropylene plastic injection that molds in a banana shape, the multilingual and stackable banana cone is recognized as the most Innovative Cleaning Product of 2013. Made with very high quality, the printing is clear, the colors are bright, and the cones are tough. Manufactured and protected only by Banana Products LLC. 

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