Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Go Bananas for Safety with the Banana Peel Wet Floor Sign

Go Bananas for Safety with the Banana Peel Wet Floor Sign

October 22, 2013 (MMD Newswire) -– Slips and falls account for between 12 and 15 percent of all Workers' Compensation expenses, costing employers approximately $40,000 per incident, according to the Center of Disease Control. Additionally, businesses spend millions of dollars each year fighting liability claims from customers from slip and falls that occur on the company's premises. Safety signage helps prevent these injuries and can potentially eliminate the liability if an accident were to occur. This clever company called Banana Products LLC has developed a banana cone that serves as a wet floor sign. Since slipping on a banana peel is a common analogy that's recognizable worldwide, in any language, or anyone old enough to watch a cartoon, you get the point immediately just by simply glancing at it.
Banana Products, LLC completely redesigned and improved a commodity product into a safer, affordable and fun alternative for all businesses. This new banana cone will not only warn folks of wet floors, it may even add a smile to their face. And who doesn't want to add a bit of sunshine to someone's otherwise dull day!
Based out of Austin Texas, Banana Products, LLC manufacturers and distributes this durable, stackable, and sturdy cone that improves safety. They can be customized with a company name, logo or message and available at wholesale pricing. The banana cone is featured on industry leading resources CleanLink, Cleaning & Maintenance Online, and recognized as one of ISSA's Innovative Cleaning Products of 2013. The banana cone is for sale at www.bananaproducts.com and available today!
Go Bananas for Safety with the Banana Peel Wet Floor Sign

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Clean Link - New Product

Clean Link is the leading online resource center for Janitorial industry and has featured the banana cone!

The multi-lingual banana cone is made with polypropylene plastic injection molding in a banana shape that warns of slippery surfaces. The cones are easily stacked, weigh 3 pounds and are extremely durable. The banana cone can be used in schools, hospitals, corporate or commercial facilities.


Clean Link

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Texas Lawsuit, No Wet Floor Sign

Here's an article taken from a well respected law firm that has done cases where individuals have slipped on wet floors without a wet floor sign present. The situation follows: A situation involving a wet floor with NO wet floor sign ended up in a lawsuit being filed in Jefferson County. The lawsuit, as reported by the Southeast Texas Record, has been file against an O'Reilly Auto Parts store.


The lawsuit in Jefferson County alleges that there was a spill at the O'Reilly's store and that it was not market. The plaintiff fell on a liquid that was not marked. The lawsuit is claiming damages for pain and lost wages, mental anguish, alleged past and future medical expenses and court costs, according to the article.
This lawsuit has much in common with others of its kind in terms of what damages are being sought for and why they're being sought in the first place.


Negligence can be taken to mean not taking reasonable precautions to protect someone's safety and causing them to come to harm because of it. The lawsuit alleges that not marking the wet floor led to the plaintiff's fall.
The lawsuit also alleges that the establishment failed to inspect and maintain its premises. This is a form of negligence in that the store owner isn't taking the precaution of making sure that the floors aren't wet in the first place. This alleged negligence is said to be a cause of the accidental fall, as well.


Mental anguish and pain are frequently added on to the damages being sought but they can be hard to quantify. A lawyer can help their client to come up with a reasonable figure for this amount.
Lost wages can be calculated, obviously, so they are one of the easier areas of the lawsuit to figure out. Past medical bills are easy to calculate but projecting future medical expenses can be trickier. Lawyers have to be good enough at what they do to come up with realistic numbers for items such as these, which maximizes their client's chances of winning.
If you've been injured due to slip and fall that occurred in a commercial establishment, you may want to consider talking to an attorney. If the situation involved a slip hazard that was not known and/or not flagged by the premises owner, you should definitely talk to a good attorney. Premises owners are required to take reasonable measure to keep their properties safe. If you've been injured because a property owner failed in this regard, contacting an attorney may be the first step in getting compensation. There was clearly no wet floor sign.
Wet floor no sign

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Stealing a Wet Floor Sign is NOT okay!

Here's a story about someone posting theft on wet floor sign. This particular individuals friends were stealing wet floor signs.


At first it was sort of funny. But it's really not. They continue to steal and whenever I go anywhere with them and they see a wet floor sign they act as though it's hard for them to not steal it. Most of the time they do it without me- the only time I was there was when we were on a SCHOOL TRIP and I suspected that one of them put it under her shirt and on the bus. What compels them to steal wet floor signs? I've already told them that it's not funny. 

Is it okay to steal wet floor signs or no? What should I do? I don't want to overreact, but I feel that it's wrong.


1) Steeling wet floor signs is not ok. I have to admit it is kinda funny but its wrong. I would ask them why they are doing it. Remind them of how immature this is. Remember that people judge you by your friends so be careful.

2) A wet floor sign is for the safety of the general public, me and you. If it weren't for those same signs, we'd all be slipping and sliding all over the place, hitting heads, rolling around naked in warm, soapy water. Sure it sounds nice, but think of the consequences. Safety is your responsibility!!! Put those signs back.

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