Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Banana Peel Slip

The banana peel on the floor has been a running gag in comedy for the longest time.  The person would trip on it and hilarity would ensue.  They were especially popular in cartoons and videogames.  This idea takes us back to the old days of Looney Tunes and Mario Bros.  Now they have this new invention where the boring old slippery floor sign has been replaced with a big banana peel.  The irony of it is what makes it really clever. 

Floor safety signs haven’t really been designed any different since they were first thought of.   They have changed size and added pictures, but nothing really to get the attention of people.  The clever design of this new product is going to make sure people stop and pay attention to whatever it is saying.

What grabs your attention better than the patented Banana Cone? The old ones have turned themselves into a commodity which people ignore every day. They all have the same purpose which is TO PREVENT INJURY! It's been scientifically proven that accident reduction ONLY happens when behavioral changes occur. Based on the feedback we've been receiving, the Banana Cone is more likely to change your behavior, which will reduce accident rates, and may even put a smile on their face :)

It's known worldwide that people associate banana peels on the ground as being slippery and dangerous. So why not have a banana peel that PREVENTS slipping? It's great quality, affordable, fun, and you get the point immediately simply by glancing at it. Made with polypropylene plastic injection that molds in a banana shape, the multilingual and stackable banana cone is recognized as the most Innovative Cleaning Product of 2013. Made with very high quality, the printing is clear, the colors are bright, and the cones are tough. Manufactured and protected only by Banana Products LLC. 

Buy today at www.bananaproducts.com