Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Banana Cone – What is it?

The Banana Cone – What is it?

Most of the time when you walk into a building, the first thing you notice is the floor’s appearance. Is it dull and dirty or does the floor shine? It if looks extra shiny, it’s possible that the floor is wet. If so, there must be wet floor signs showing such. These signs will not just inform you that the floor is wet, but also provide a visual caution that there’s a risk of unstable footing that could cause one to slip and fall. If you refinish or mop the floor making it wet and a person slips and falls and the proper warning signs aren’t in place, there’s a big chance that you’ll get sued and you’ll lose. The private industry and insurance companies lose millions of dollars each year because a wet floor wasn’t marked with wet floor cones or warning signs.

A good thing to keep in mind when using wet floor signs or cones is to ensure they’re visible from each point of entry. This will guarantee that anyone entering the work space will notice the warning and take extra care as he or she passes through. Many of the warning signs today won’t just be bi-lingual, but have a pictogram and give an extra visual help of the warning. But while there are various kinds of wet floor signs designed to warn people of potential hazards due to a wet floor, the banana cone stands out from the rest.

Why? The answer is simple. This is a banana peel that prevents slipping! Yes, that’s right. The banana cone isn’t just a great alternative for businesses wanting to save money, but is more effective in preventing slips and falls through the common notion that banana peels are slippery.
Slips and falls comprise between twelve and fifteen percent of workers compensation expenditures, costing employers about $40,000 for every incident. In addition, businesses disburse millions of dollars every year fighting responsibility claims from consumers from slips and falls that happen on the premises of the company. Safety signage helps in preventing these injuries and in eliminating the legal responsibility if an accident were to happen.

Slipping on a banana peel is very common and this is recognized around the world. Whether you’re at school, in the market or old enough to watch cartoons, you get the point immediately by simply looking at it. The banana cone is a simple, affordable, safe and fun option for all businesses. This cone won’t just warn people of wet floors, but also add a smile to their faces. Who doesn’t want to make someone happy and bring some excitement to their otherwise dull day?

Made with polypropylene plastic injection that molds in a banana shape, the multilingual and stackable banana cone is recognized as the most Innovative Cleaning Products of 2013. The cones weigh three pounds, are extremely durable and easily stacked, making it perfect for companies looking for a great way to prevent accidents due to a wet floor. The banana cone can be used in hospitals, commercial or corporate facilities and schools. It can be customized with your company’s name, message and logo and is offered at wholesale pricing.

You can buy a banana cone at www.bananaproducts.com