Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cleanzine - Cleaning Industry News Talks About The Banana Cone

Novel safety signs slip into the Visitors' Choice top five 

The carelessly discarded banana skin has played a leading part in many a comedy sketch over the years, causing those that tread on it to slip and subsequently do all kinds of damage, so it's ironic that a banana skin is now finding gainful employment in the prevention of prevent slips, trips and falls...

Banana Products says of its Banana Cone - voted a 2013 ISSA Innovation Award Visitors' Choice Winner: "What grabs your attention better than the patented Banana Cone? The old ones have turned themselves into a commodity which people ignore every day. They all have the same purpose which is to prevent injury!
"It's been scientifically proven that accident reduction only happens when behavioural changes occur. Based on the feedback we've been receiving, the Banana Cone is more likely to change your behaviour and it may even put a smile on your face.

"The banana cone is a simple, affordable, safe and fun option for all businesses." Made from very high quality polypropylene using plastic injection that moulds the product into a banana shape, the multilingual and stackable banana cone is tough, long-lasting and highly visible. Anyone seeing it will immediately make the connection and realise they are approaching a slip hazard.